Poor Pitiful Flower

Do you know a flower shop that dies after it blooms? It is so poor, right? This poor but fascinating flower will be found mainly in low lying tropical rainforests of Indonesia. The common name is Corpse Flower (or bunga bangkai in Bahasa Indonesia) and its Latin name is Rafflesia arnoldii. This is one of the world’s rarest, most endangered and largest international flowers delivery as it can reach a total width of over a meter. In fact, this corpse flower is the largest unbranched inflorescence in the world because it can grow up to three metres high and is native to western Sumatra (one of the areas in Indonesia), where it grows in rainforests.

bunga bangkai

One of poorest things is that the Rafflesia’s survival is totally dependent on a specific vine called the Tetrastigma vine. Due to the fact that the Rafflesia is a bodiless, stemless, leafless, rootless parasite, it requires the vine for nourishment and support. Moreover, It is also a carrion plant, which means that it releases a pungent rotten flesh smell when in bloom to attract flies and carrion beetles to aid in pollination. What is the other poor things? You know once in bloom, the flower delivery  will only last about a week before dying. Another poor situation is that this stinking bloom is classified as vulnerable now that deforestation in Indonesia has destroyed much of its native habitat.

Huh kesal beli bunga mahal malah gak datang.

Ada kisah menyebalkan ketika saya membeli bunga untuk hadiah ulang tahun pacar saya,, saat itu saya emang ingin memberikan kejutan kepada pacar saya dengan mengirimkan bunga, saya ingin moment hari itu nampak begitu istimewa bagi kami, makanya saya menyiapkan segala sesuatu tentang kejutan yang akan saya berikan kepada pacar saya dari jauh – jauh hari..


Saya emang sengaja memilih restoran mewah di kawasan jakarta pusat sebagai acara makan malam kami, dan saya juga menyiapkan kejutan dengan memberikannya cincin berlian yang saya pesan dari eropa, pokoknya saya ingin hari itu adalah hari paling bahagia untuknya dengan berbagai kejutan – kejutan yang saya berikan.

Dalam imajinasi saya, saat itu saya menyemputnya ke rumahnya, saya memakai jas formal, dan pasangan saya mengenakan gaun yang emang sudah saya siapkan dan terlebih dahulu di antarkan ke rumahnya, akhirnya malampun tiba dan saya seperti dalam imajinasi saya, saya menjemputnya dengan memakain jas formal. woooow sungguh sangat mengejutkan, sungguh membuat saya tidak bisa berkedip , kekasih saya nampak begitu anggun dengan gaun yang dia kenakan..

Tak berapa lama, kamipun langsung berangkat menuju restoran yang sudah kami pesan sebelumnya, mesti d jalanan agak lumayan macet karena berbarengan dengan weekend di hari jumat terakhir kerja..

Akhirnya tepat jam 20.00 saya  sampai juga di lokasi, iringan musik romantis langsung mengayun, hidangan sudah tersaji dengan penataan yang menawan menambah keromantisan suasana, acara makan malampun di mulai ..

florist delivery

Tapi ada kekecewaan yang menggelayuti hati saya saat itu, moment paling romantis maksud hati ingin di iringin dengan kiriman bunga yang menawan yang sudah saya pesan sebelumnya bahkan rela menyusuri  flower shop  demi mendapat pesanan bunga sesuai dengan keinginan saya..

Rupanya pesanan bunga saya tidak kunjung tiba, saya kesal karena saya sudah jauh – jauh hari menyiapkan itu bahkan saya sering mengingatrkannya supaya di kirim tepat waktu pada acaranya, dan ternyata bunga yang saya pesan itu baru di kirim esok harinya. Ada kekesalan yang saya rasakan saat itu namun apa mau di kata.

Teryata orang florist salah tulis tanggal pengiriman, hmmm.Momen special itu harus sedikit tergores karena gak adanya bunga. Sekarang saya benar – benar kapok memesan bunga langsung ke florist delivery ofline  .

Sekarang udah zamannya belanja online segala sesuatu bisa dengan mudah didapatkan via internet, begitupun beli bunga, setelah pengalaman mengecewakan kemarin saya sekarang lebih memilih untuk membeli bunga via online, kelebihannya kita bisa memilih berbagai bunga seperti bunga mawar, bunga papan, bunga ucapan selamat, dan lain lain, pengiriman cepat, dan bunga yang di tawarkan lebih bervariasi dengan harga yang terjangkau  dan paling utama pengirimanya tepat waktu.



Simple Tips for Giving Flowers to a Woman

                                     give flower to girl


Men often do a lot of ways to captivate a woman. They want to get attention by doing great things when there is a simple way that is powerful enough to get her heart by giving a bunch of flowers. Research shows that when you give flowers to someone, then psychologically she will regard you as a person who is friendly, attentive, and compassionate. The following are tips for giving flowers to a woman:


Women love little things that could make her smile, one of them is a small surprise. You can give a surprise in the form of flowers you send to his office. If you are confused in choosing the type of flower, choose her favorite flower or seasonally adjusted. singapore flower delivery It would be better if you match the color of her favorite flowers.

  • Small but precious

You do not need to buy hundreds of flower stalks with a high price that she is attracted to you. Most women would consider it excessive. Give a bunch of flowers with simple decoration to express your feelings. Make sure the flowers are given in a fresh state delivery. Red rose can be a deep expression of love because it is a symbol of romance that is timeless.

Thank you to Floweradvisor.com for support.


Methods on Creating Slim Workroom

Designing office2Efficiency from the worker should be hardly insignificant for that organization. Since, ultimately could compensate the organization within the type of profits’ efficiency. To that particular finish, it’s suitable that you simply like perhaps an individual who is exclusively accountable for the organization carrying out a number of methods to create workers or a chief feel energetically and relaxed.

Along with not wait to provide bonuses or bonuses, hearing what he provides a chance to increase, provide suitable income, and believes, produce a workspace that is favorable even be different ways that may be completed to create workers comfort and much more comfortable.

Dimension sufficient function space could be considered among the requirements to get a room that was favorable operating. Nevertheless, does this imply that a slim workspace can’t create cozy the employees? Obviously not. Therefore, just how to deal with the crowded work place? They were created by notice methods below.

Ensure the light is not bad

To be able to give effect towards the work area that is wide, an action that may be completed would be to make sure that the workplace illumination that is related is not truly bad. This illumination could be acquired in the two factors:

a)      Lamps. You are able to deploy brilliant lamps to be able to function family room environment and more. If you want to grow the lighting. You should use diesel, which is really a device to transform daylight into electrical power to reduce the price of electricity.

b)      Ventilation. Boost the ventilation may also do to help make the workspace wasn’t rigid. Furthermore light from the sun could be inserted in to the research readily.

Work with a wall of glass

In case your work place is crowded surfaces of glass may also be utilized. Glass walls’ use to provide an office interior’s impact is not larger due to the room with additional room invisible forever. Nevertheless, workers’ solitude may be preserved.

If incorporating new blossoms in most part of the workspace well, to be able to experience much more comfortable not harm. The new plants purchase and you’ll find from FlowerAdvisor.

What to Do to Celebrate Wedding Anniversary?

50th anniversary2One of the keys to maintain a marriage is wedding anniversary celebration. Do you always celebrate this one-a-year event? It’s important to remind both of you about your relationship. Well, there are so many interesting and romantic activities you can do with your loved one. Three of them are:

Have a romantic candlelight dinner

A romantic guy usually takes her lady to a restaurant to have a candlelight dinner together. The couple will not only eat favorite food menus, but also listen to nice music and feel the romantic circumstances. Nevertheless, having a romantic dinner is not always in a luxurious restaurant. You can make it different by turning your own dining room to be the best place at D-Day. You may cook your favorite dishes with your spouse and decorate the area. Well, it’s okay if women prepare for this.

Go to memorial places

A couple usually has their own memorable experiences and places. To celebrate your wedding anniversary, go to the places you and your spouse ever spent or had fun at. Perhaps, you first met her or him at school/college. Maybe you both ever had good time at the beach watching the sunset and playing in the sand. Just remember what can make you and your spouse feel happy and romantic in the past.

Surprise your spouse

You can try to take an initiative to give surprise to your girl or guy. Everyone loves surprise, right? Perhaps you need to secretly prepare a place to later take him or her with you. Alternatively, you can surprise your loved one after coming back from office or send a bouquet from Flower Advisor in the morning.

I Prefer Lebaran, Can You?

lebaran 1In Ramadhan month, all Muslims all over the globe must rapidly for thirty days. Do, and they’re forbidden to consume, beverage terrible points gossiping, showing a rest, obtaining, and so forth begin with beginning to sunset prayer. Obviously, this is simply not simple to do since lots are generally of hurdles which disrupt fasting. Often, people cannot combat and handle their feeling, so they really feel upset. In other hand, a number of people cannot keep their hunger, in order that they consume earlier.

Think about you? For me personally, fasting is just an approach to manage motivation and feeling. This really is hard to do, but provided that I’m not impatient, I trust I will endure Ramadhan month cheerfully. By indicating that Lebaran should come quickly I usually inspire myself. I feel satisfied and will acquire. You should understand that Idul Fitri is wonderful and specific moment after battling to manage feeling and motivation to get a month. When this wedding day will come in every Muslims is going to be happy and content.

I like Lebaran in all honesty. Why? Since my major family and I could assemble together it’s. I will laugh and laugh as well as daddy, my mommy, siblings. Generally, I frequently get they are hampered for by hari raya. I get these effects at Blossom Counselor providing you with prices to limit Singapore.

Suasana Sholat Ied Lebaran di KorSel

The Seoul Central Masjid


Berbeda dengan suasana Lebaran di Indonesia, begitu tenang, pemandangan yg sangat berbeda dengan Negara Indonesia yang mayoritas beragama Muslim.  Takbir dan kemeriahan lebaran tidak tampak di siang maupun malam hari.


Untuk sebagian orang lebaran adalah waktu yang tepat untuk berkumpul dengan sanak keluarga. Tapi untuk saya, tahun ini saya habiskan Ramadhan di Korea. Saya adalah seorang pelajar di Korea. Disini saya tinggal bersama-sama dengan pelajar lain yang berasal dari Indonesia.

Lebaran Disini  biasa nya diisi dengan kegiatan Sholat Ied  bersama yang diadakan oleh Kedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia Seoul (KBRI.Seoul) di Saetgang. Kegiatan shalat Ied ini dihadiri hampir WNI yang tinggal / berada di Korea, terdiri dari TKI,mahasiswa/pekerja profesional, ibu rumah tangga.Domisili para TKI tersebar di seluruh Korea dengan beberapa konsentrasi pekerja asing antara lain di wilayah Ansan, Suwon, Bucheon, Taegu, Taejon, Uijeongbu, Ulsan dan Busan

Kegiatan Lebaran disini, biasanya KBRI menyediakan bungkusan berupa makanan kecil atau semacamnya, dan bisa dibawa pulang. Tidak ada acara halal bihalal seperti biasa , disini cukup bersalaman dengan orang sekeliling kita disaat sholat ied, dan kerabat kita sendiri. seperti biasa dengan  serba putih seragam

Cukup sederhana, tapi tetap yang jelas Lebaran bersama di kampung sendiri itu sangat menyenangkan. Dari sini mungkin saya hanya dapat mengirimkan parcel lebaran ke keluarga di Indonesia.

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